It's been a year since I started making these collages, and posting them to a blog. It’s a funny story, actually, how it all began. I grew up in a family of visualizers- designers, illustrators, photographers- but my biggest passion has always been language- literature, reading and writing. So reading and writing are the main activities in my life, whether I'm educating myself, working for a salary or creating something new just for the sake of it. My second biggest passion is music. But when you're trying to read or write anything serious, you need peace and quietness. At one point I felt like I needed more music in my life but, since I hate sitting idly, I needed something casual to do while listening to music. And so I made my first collage by casually mix-and-matching pretty photos while with my earphones in my ears and with Adam Green's album Jacket Full of Danger playing on max volume. All The Fingers In The Town is a line from a song on that album that sounded inspiring and convenient at the moment.  Most of the titles of my collages and words in them are lines from the songs I listen while making them. 
BTW, a non-fictional book I've been flipping through for a while is about the phenomenon of synaesthesia...great stuff...